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On March 22, we had the tremendous pleasure of presenting a training titled “Elevate Your Business Writing Skills” to nearly 100 employees enrolled in Ogden City’s Leadership Academy.

As you know, our passion at Lexicon & Line is connection, and this customized training focused exactly on that concept — the power of written and verbal communications in fostering connection internally and with the greater public served. We discussed audience awareness; we talked about the opportunities for greater audience connection through balanced use of trust-building, logic, and emotion; we talked about how less can be more in terms of writing concise sentences; and we even discussed commas a bit (okay…perhaps more than a bit).

Along the way, through a bit of education and lecture, a bit of discussion and dialogue, a bit of practice, and a hearty amount of laughter, we ended this training as we do all trainings — changed.

We go into every training or education scenario with the goal of providing tangible, applicable, and insightful growth to every attendee. Inevitably, we leave the same training situation having learned quite a bit ourselves. In the instance of Ogden City’s Leadership Academy, we left fully realizing the thoughtfulness, depth, and diversity of this great city’s leaders. We left being inspired by Leadership Academy attendees who were utilizing the program to advance in their professions. We left questioning whether it was audience-appropriate to use our “getting out of a speeding ticket” audience awareness example when there were a solid number of police officers in attendance.

Every training we lead allows us to become stronger, more thoughtful, more connected communicators ourselves. Thank you, Ogden City Leadership Academy. We had a great time, and look forward to meeting again in the future.


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