Business Writing Refresher Course

(2-6 Hours)

This writing refresher course is perfect for any professional setting and for employees at all levels. Content includes audience analysis, keys to clean and concise writing, strategies for aligning employee writing with company culture/brand, common grammar/editing errors, and revised rules for modern workplace communications (i.e. social media, texting, etc).

Making Smart Rhetorical Choices in the Workplace

(2-4 Hours)

This course is geared toward established employees, and it is designed to help employees make every written communication connect with their audience in terms of voice, style, development, and polish.

Writing Collaboratively in the Workplace

(2-4 Hours)

This course is geared toward new teams and/or teams that are struggling to collaborate or struggling to create a unified voice. We’ll be focusing our time on strategies for bringing organization culture, goals, and style into every document; collaboration techniques for uniform, clean and consistent documents; and strategies for making the most of every team member’s voice/strengths in a collaborative process.

Foundations of Successful Professional Documents

(2-4 Hours)

This course is aimed at small and growing businesses interested in polishing the look and function of business communications and documents, and it will cover company culture/brand analysis, creation of a style guide, style guide applications, and typical document formats.

Technical Writing 101

(4-6 Hours)

Technical writing is a different beast from standard business writing, and this course aims to tame that beast by giving employees a solid background in what makes technical writing unique from other writing and how to identify documents that require the use of technical writing tone, focus, and development. Specific topics covered include audience analysis, tools for writing concise and clear technical prose, strategies for talking about numbers and data, formatting best practices for technical documents, creation of charts and tables that make an impact, and technical editing.

Grammar and Punctuation are your Friends

(2-4 Hours)

It’s not uncommon for a brilliant employee to struggle with polish in their writing. This course is aimed at helping employees to fine tune their writing/editing skills so that their emails/reports/posts shine as brightly as they do. The course covers common punctuation mistakes and tools for self-editing, a grammar review, lessons in concision and accuracy in writing, and audience-based writing for both big and small communications.

Pricing for all courses varies based upon the number of employees who attend and the presentation time requested. Please contact us for a quote.

Customized courses available upon request.