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Business Oregon

Gathering data on multiple topics for the creation of a successful strategic plan.

As part of Business Oregon’s strategic planning process (as well as their launch of their DEI work and planning), they endeavored to gather data to assess overall levels of employee satisfaction as it pertained to four key areas:

  • Employee engagement
  • Substantiality practices
  • Internal customer services
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

The Challenge

Business Oregon lacked specific data on four separate topics to inform specific strategic planning work. They required a third party vendor to ease participant concerns about confidentiality and anonymity. Another hurdle was securing high participation given the survey’s length.

The survey design contributed to the exceptionally high participation rate during the height of the pandemic lockdown.

The Solution

We collaborated with Business Oregon to create a rich, streamlined survey that covered data on all required topics. To improve participant completion, we built a survey that was easy to take and allowed employees to stop and start when they wished. We engineered efficient communication/promotion systems that allowed us to survey nearly all employees (securing data with 99% confidence, +/- 3% —in the midst of the beginning of pandemic lockdown).

The Result

Business Oregon received the data they needed to create a successful strategic plan. We are excited to follow progress on the positive changes their strategic plan will bring about.