We look for the connections between data points.

We look for the human story behind the data. But before we begin, we have to make sure we acquire the most meaningful data for you.

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Employee Surveys

An organization can’t improve the lives of their employees unless they know what their employees really think. Employee engagement can reveal how employees really feel about their work and what engages them. Employee retention surveys pinpoint the reasons employees may stay or what drives them to leave. These surveys often include predictive analysis that may capture not only how they feel today but how they may be feeling in a year or two.

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Surveys and Metrics

Recent events have increased the demand for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programming. We believe DEI programming can lead to positive organizational change, as including diverse voices and viewpoints can lead to innovation. Our DEI surveys provide the foundation to help you make the most effective DEI programming choices. We like to integrate engagement/retention research for the most comprehensive story. We can also evaluate your existing program and pinpoint ways to make it more effective.

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Data-Driven Strategic Planning Services

The data we provide is the foundation for a strategic plan. In many cases, organizations say, “We have the data. Now what do we do with it?” Our data-savvy team can support your business or organization with as much planning support as you need. After a planning consultation, you’ll have a much better idea of how to proceed.

Community Research

How can a local government or public entity meet a community’s various needs and priorities? We provide community research to help public organizations plan better to meet the needs of various stakeholders within the community.

Training/Learning Program Evaluation

Building evaluation mechanisms into your training and learning programs makes it easier to gauge their effectiveness. We can create evaluations for programs in the development phase or build in evaluation features for pilot programs that allow you to adapt. You may wish to employ our evaluation services for programs already underway.