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Youth Survey Projects: A Bach Harrison LLC Partner

Providing multiple states with the data to design health, mental health, and substance treatment programs.

Since 2015, we’ve partnered with Bach Harrison LLC to lead projects that assessed the needs of youth for state health, mental health, and prevention agencies in 7 states across the nation.

The purpose of these many projects across various states had one thing in common: they gathered data every two years to aid strategic planning in health, mental health, and substance use prevention.

Lexicon & Line was contracted by Bach Harrison to provide project management and thought leadership, build survey instruments and protocols, oversee IRB processes, oversee sample design and strategy, recruit participation, complete analysis, oversee reporting, and provide data training and stakeholder support and data application.

The Challenge

To be successful, we had to roll up our sleeves and dig in — first focusing on local-level recruitment, then providing the type of local-level support that secures school buy-in, teacher support, parent support, and voluntary student participation.

Some states have reduced their youth substance rates by 50% since starting their strategic planning efforts.

The Solution

We have helped 7 states gain insightful understanding through 20 state-wide survey projects since 2015.

The Result

An improved data stream has helped states to strategically plan for prevention services. Some states have cut their rates of youth substance use in half since starting their strategic planning efforts. Currently, states are able to secure the demographics-level data they need to address the mental health needs of youth.