We look for the connections between data points.

We look for the human story behind the data. We look to connect with others who have like-minded motivations to solve people-centric problems, and make a real difference for humankind.

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Social Sciences Research

We offer a spectrum of social sciences research, with specific expertise and experience in the realm of youth health and wellness surveys, needs assessments, and qualitative study. We are passionate about helping our clients to collect the data that allows them to save and improve the lives of people across the globe. In our experience managing youth data collection efforts, we have taken on state-level projects involving up to 300,000 youth; have championed high stakes projects with lofting recruitment goals; have thrived in research scenarios requiring a high level of stakeholder engagement and educations; and have seen the data we've collected, analyzed, and reported lead to powerful state- and local-level change.

Market Research and Polling

We offer connection-focused market research and polling —going beyond a study of big data and getting to the heart of what customers and clients want and need and why they connect with one product over another. What’s their journey? How do they feel? What innovations would they like to see? What makes them change their mind? Our market research services include customer surveys, segmentation surveys, focus groups and interviews, ethnographic study, and product testing.

Research/Data-Centered Project Management

We manage data collection and research projects — involving up to 400,000 participants. We utilize the Project Management Institute's PMBOK to guide all of our work; our PMP-Certified Project Managers use this tested-effective framework to run large-scale research and data collection efforts with many moving parts, up to 2000 stakeholders/partners, and big reporting and strategic planning goals. Risk assessment, mitigation, and management is one of our specialities. We plan for every possible scenario, and it shows in the success of all of our projects.

Data-Driven Strategic Planning Services

The data we provide often informs a solid strategic plan, helping our clients to assess needs and understand where they’re starting, make smart data-driven decisions, establish tangible metrics and benchmarks to track as they roll out their plan, and evaluate their success along the way. Our brains are wired to think strategically, and our team can provide as much or as little strategic planning support as your organization or business needs.

Program Evaluation

Effective training and learning programs are designed with evaluation in mind. For training and learning programs in early development, we can help to create an evaluation strategy that will ensure your program is built on a solid foundation that ensures continuous improvement. For training and learning programs approaching their pilot phase, we can help to build in evaluation tools and components that will allow you to fine-tune your program and measure results. For training and learning programs already in full swing, our evaluation services can help you to seek a higher level of success and connection with program participants and stakeholders.

Professional Development

We offer a wide range of professional development services — from employee and leader assessment to tiered training opportunities on topics such as team communications, technical writing, technical editing, and data analysis and interpretation.

Employee Surveys

Employee engagement surveys explore employee connections to their work, their work satisfaction, and the factors that keep them engaged and dedicated to their employer. Employee retention surveys focus more on the reasons why they might consider leaving a company and what it takes to encourage them to put down roots and stay a while. These surveys often include predictive analysis that may capture not only how they feel today but how they may be feeling in a year or two.

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Surveys and Metrics

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programming is no longer simply “the right thing to do”; DEI work is a business imperative that leads to employee engagement and retention and innovation to keep up with diverse markets. Our DEI surveys (and employee survey add-on modules) dive deep into this aspect of employee engagement. DEI programming works best when driven by data and metrics; our DEI survey services offer businesses and organizations the ability to make smart DEI programming choices, to evaluate program success, and to make adjustments as needed to keep the needle moving forward. Our most effective DEI projects integrate with employee engagement/retention research in order to study data relationships and allow our clients to see more connections. We can also evaluate an existing DEI program that is having limited impact and pinpoint exactly what is ineffective and why.

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Community Research

Community research explores the values and priorities of different stakeholder groups within a community. With solid community or stakeholder data, a public organization may learn how to engage community members for better buy-in and support for an initiative. A local government may discover community and local business needs, and be able to budget dollars and resources to better meet those needs